Analysis Of The Book ' My Diary ' Essays

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“My Diary: Documented. Done.” By L. Canale describes the journey of a girl whose father finds out that she is gay. Coming out is not something that you have to do once and its over; you have to come out to different people all the time. Canale’s coming out doesn’t go as planned. Her father finds out before she can tell him and he begins rejecting her right away. Not everyone’s coming out story is the same, and people in different aspects of someone’s life can take it differently. In Canale’s case, she had some friends, her sister, and her mother to support her; it was her father who had the most trouble accepting her, though he came around eventually. This story reminds me about the coming out activity that we did in class. Canale’s family’s reaction to her being gay was like the individuals with the white star; she had some support and some rejection, but she never lost contact with them entirely (Class Activity, April 19).
At this point in her life, it seems that Canale has come out to herself and she has accepted that she is gay and has integrated it into her identity to the point that she is not willing to change or pretend for anyone to be something that she is not. Canale is then ready to disclose to other people, like some of her friends and her sister who seem very accepting. Canale’s story follows the fairly recent trend of LGB people to come out to their friends and family at a younger age, usually around high school. She also follows trends with telling her…

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