Analysis Of The Book ' My Companions And I Were Consistently Paid Less Than Minimum Wage ``

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The author uses evidence throughout the whole book from his trips and research to different parts of Mexico and the United States. This type of evidence can fall under the category of evaluating sources. The whole subject that this book contains provides evidence from a research study that the author uses to back up his claim. “My companions and I were consistently paid less than minimum wage” (Holmes, p. 82). Holmes uses his real-life experiences and research to show the audience how the migrants are really treated when crossing the border and working as berry pickers. “In addition to the comprehension of social suffering and strong social hierarchies, my embodied experiences led me to recognize the impossibility of separating research from human relationship” (Holmes, p. 37). His experiences when researching this topic lead him to develop his own opinions because of the factual evidence that he found. He writes to share this evidence with readers and help those to understand what really happens to these migrants as well as trying to back up his claim. Throughout the recent presidential election, the issue of border control was address many times with different opinions. Because of all of the immigrants coming to the United States, citizens think that these people are taking their jobs and raising the rates of their healthcare. The controversy of letting immigrants into the United States seems to be an ongoing issue with many different viewpoints. The idea of keeping out…

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