Analysis Of The Book ' Mr. Carroll ' Essay

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Mr. Carroll is often absent with Jim’s entries. He only appears in a few instances, he is arguing about the political climate of that period. After the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a peace movement began in the United States. Jim’s father called him a creep stating, “Its all some commie who brainwashed us, its them fucking commies, that’s all” (Carroll pg. 126). Jim does not directly address his father but he feels that the war is a scheme that the government invented. In another entry, after Mr. Carroll returns from work, he begins to complain about Jim’s long hair, and the protestors. Mr. Carroll ends his argument in a racial tirade. Jim as usual ignores his father. Although, he does not agree with his father he knows it is pointless to engage in the argument because his father will never see his point of view. Nor, does he really value Jim’s thoughts and opinion on this matter. Mrs. Carroll then attempts to “bait him into political debates” (Carroll pg. 145). Despite this, Jim remains quiet. He states, “if I bite and argue then the whole house is a screaming maniac nut house and if I don’t bother it’s even worse” (Carroll pg. 145). Jim Carroll purposely, does not engage in any political and or social conversations with his family. He knows that his father sides with the majority of Anglo- American population, who believes in the sanctity of the Vietnam War. Mr. Carroll is very patriotic and blindly trusts the government. Jim, on the other hand, distrusts the…

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