Analysis Of The Book ' Monique And The Mango Rains ' Essay

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Differences Among Cultures
In the book Monique and The Mango Rains there are many situations that affect people, especially the health of women. All this involves the care, the place, among other things that are not favorable for them. To give you a better deal for patients Giger and Davihizer decided to make a proposal of the six phenomena which are: Biologic Variation, Social Organization, Time Orientation, Environmental Control, Space, and Communication. Transcultural nurse need to be able to use the six phenomena because is more effective when interacting with patients. With that nurses can acquire a more sensible attitude to understand their patients of same and different culture.
Kris Holloway is the author of the book Monique and The Mango Rains. Kris was inspired to write this book because she had a great experience with her friend Monique Dembele in the village where she was living. This story takes place in the village of Nampussela, Mail to the West of Africa. Since 1989 Kris was volunteered to work in the Peace Corps for two years until 1991. Kris was assistant Monique and between them arose a great friendship. Monique was a midwife; she helped give birth to the women of the village and surrounding areas. Kris was responsible for maintaining and renewing the birthing center, she did works that required too much time, also she was promoting the health improvement of the place. Kris and Monique supported each other because they had a similar way of thinking and…

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