Analysis Of The Book ' Mollie From Animal Farm ' Essay

2001 Words Nov 12th, 2014 9 Pages
Mollie from Animal farm is a self-absorbed horse that only cares about her materialistic obsessions and beauty, she places her own priorities and needs above others and was used by the author to represent the selfish vain people of the Russian revolution. These people cared nothing for change and sided with any country that could offer them provisions and benefits. I am a person who believes in change and places others needs above my own, I consider myself to be very selfless. By way of comparison my beliefs and morals are nothing like this characters. I shall be contrasting and comparing myself with Mollie in three distinctive ways. The significance to comparing myself to such a character is to answer a larger question about how literature teaches us about ourselves. This type of writing allows readers to break down similarities and differences they may have with a particular character, which as a result helps them make inner connections about themselves. This is an interesting question because it allows for people to open up and reflect on past experiences and expand their thoughts by analyzing certain traits about their behavior and personality, causing them to dig deep and discover information they’ve never really thought they knew about themselves. Readers reflect back to their self-definition and this allows them to grow as individuals.

Mollie and I have different perspectives about how people should be treated and the way we interact and approach others is…

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