Analysis Of The Book ' Mob Rule On The Color Of Your Skin ' Essay

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Have you faced racial persecution due to the color of your skin? The time was 1900’s and this was the nightmare that Ida B. Wells-Barnett wrote of in Mob Rule in New Orleans. This is the true account of Robert Charles as he fights for his life to escape the hands of a lynching mob. This impassioned story collaborates with the witness of this terrifying event that Wells describes. Wells uses her literary skills to shed light on racial discrimination, media bias, and her personal crusade for justice to portray this heart wrenching reality of the violent lynching during the 19th century.
First of all, Ida B. Wells-Barnett wrote Mob Rule in New Orleans to express the discrimination and the hatred that the African American faced during the 19th century. She suffered discrimination throughout her life and knew firsthand how society would allow unjust crimes go unpunished. According to Nina Baym in The Norton Anthology of American Literature, in 1892, Wells-Barnett had to flee Memphis to Chicago when her life was threatened because she helped form a boycott to protest unjust treatment of her friends (Baym 837). Many African-Americans were discriminated against during this time. The story of Robert Charles shows throughout the tragic situation the terrible events in New Orleans. Many African-Americans were hunted down during the events of this story, though they were not a part of the Robert Charles’ crime streak. The actions of the community reflect the hatred that many…

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