Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Maus '

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Influence and Identities Maus is a biographical story that revolves around Vladek Spiegelman’s involvements in the Holocaust, but masks and manipulation is one of the few themes of the book that has a greater picture of what the book entails. Vladek’s experiences during World War II give brutal, vivid detail of the persecution of Jews by German soldiers as well as by Polish citizens. Author Art Spiegelman leads the reader through the use of various points of view as Spiegelman structures several parts of stories into a larger story. Spiegelman does this in order to portray Vladek’s history as well as Spigelmans experiences with his father while writing the book. Nonetheless, Maus deals with this issue in a more direct way by using different animal faces to portray different races. The initial page of the book is a graphic memoir, Spigelman’s cover page presents a comic. Maus’s prolog establishes the tension between Vladek and Spigelman. Art was a little boy on his roller skates when one of his skate wheels broke and all of his friends skated, off abandoning him. He slowly walks where his father, Vladek, was working in the front of his garage, seeking fatherly love. When Art tells his father about his friends skating off without him, his father replies, “Friends? Your friends? ... If you lock them together in a room with no food for a week… Then you could see what it is, friends!” Compared to the immense adversities that Vladek faced, is minor. The reaction Art…

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