Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Maus '

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Maus is a graphic novel written by Art Spiegelman that covers his father’s account of the Holocaust. It is a very unconventional approach to talking about the Holocaust, mainly because the Holocaust is a very serious event and would be better written as a novel, but nevertheless, Maus is a great book. This book is unique in that the characters are not portrayed as humans, but as animals. For example, the Jews were mice, Nazis were cats, and Poles were pigs, and so on. This might just sound like an ordinary cat and mouse chase, but there must be some deeper meaning as to why those specific animals.
Art Spiegelman decided on a very interesting, and possibly offensive to some, scheme of different animals to use. The first type of animal that appears is the mouse. Mice were used to represent the Jewish people during the Holocaust. Polish police were involved in the first arrest of Jewish people. Polish people were represented with pigs. Once the Germans appeared, the scheme of the animals began to make sense. Germans were shown by the use of cats. The last animals to appear were the dogs. The dogs are Americans, and were always friendly to the Jewish people.
The relationships between these animals portray the ideas of the Holocaust very well. Mice are small and scrawny creatures which are usually hunted by Cats. Cats chase mice and attempt to devour them, much like the Germans hunted down the Jews during the mass genocide. Pigs are very greedy and self centered. During the…

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