Analysis Of The Book ' Maus ' Essay

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The book Maus and its characterizations

The book Maus tells the story of Spigelman’s father, Vladek, and his experiences as a Jew during the Holocaust. Art Spiegelman records his personal conversations with his father, this makes the book more stunning and engaging. All the characters are represented as animals: the Jews are mice, the Germans are cats and the Poles as pigs and so on. With a simplistic framework, Maus represents all the suffering and the reality of the Holocaust. With that said, I agree with the characterization of the Polish people that suggests that they are as bad and evil as the Nazis themselves. One of the reasons that I agree is because the Poles didn’t fight for the rights of the jews. Furthermore, instead of helping Jews find solutions, they were taking advantage of the illegal businesses. Also, many poles betrayed their own Jewish friends and that had an impact on the Jew’s emotional life. The representation of Poles as pigs is a reasonable choice, because of the lack of decency they showed during the Holocaust.

Is sad to read, how little by little all the rights of the Jews were taken away as if they had no value. The Poles and the Jews had a connection, they lived together, they worked together and they shared the same riches. The only difference was their religion and culture. During the Holocaust, their relationships…

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