Analysis Of The Book ' Madison ' Essay

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Interaction For this writing assessment I asked my student, Madison, to write about whatever she wanted. Madison did not need any prompts and began writing right away. She wrote independently for almost five minutes. Afterwards, Madison read back her story all in a similar tone until the last sentence, where she used some expression to say, “The end!”

Qualitative Analysis The story Madison wrote was a personal narrative about her experience of playing with a friend outside and getting hurt. Madison has told me before that she likes to write about herself and it is evident in this writing sample. If Madison were to revise her story, I would have her read it aloud again, but stop her to ask questions such as, “Where were you walking to? Where were the stairs? Why did you fall down the stairs? Did anyone come help you after you got hurt?” This would cause Madison to add more details into her story and elaborate during specific parts. Madison seems to know a lot about structuring language, such as using complete sentences, including a noun and verb phrase in each sentence and all of the sentences were written in an order that made sense. The exception to all of these qualities is the last sentence, which is not a complete sentence and does not contain a noun and verb. Madison did a good job of using all past tense in her story and ending each sentence with punctuation, mainly periods. Some things Madison could improve on would be to use more adjectives, because she only…

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