Analysis Of The Book ' Lyndon Johnson ' Essay

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Lyndon Johnson was our 36th president, a young boy from Texas, who grew up to be one of our many nation leaders.

Goodwin, the author, starts out by telling us about Johnsons early life because to understand his ways in office, we need to understand where he came from. We need to understand his roots. The book starts off by explaining to us the way his parents grew up. Lyndon mainly talks about his mother, Rebekkah, who grew up in a fairly wealthy family. Her father was a preacher, and a lawyer, therefore, her family and the family name was well respected. When she was old enough, Rebekkah attended Baylor College and she was destined to be a great writer until her father died. What happened is that her family lost all of their money. Once this happened, the father started to experience depression. Then he struggled with some very serious medical conditions and died, along with Rebekka’s confidence. A little later, she met Sam Johnson (Lyndon 's dad). 9 months after the tragic loss, they got married and had our future president.

As Lyndon grew up, his father wasn 't around much since he and Rebekkah became divorced. Sam was always out drinking and gambling, so even though Johnson still saw his father every so often, he really didn 't have a father figure in his life. This is the reason why throughout the book, his mother is mentioned a lot, but you don 't hear much about Sam.

When you fast forward a little, Johnson is at college and he is attending San Marcos. Like many…

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