Analysis Of The Book ' Lord Of The Flies ' Essay

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Allegory for Humanity
In a book the character makes or breaks the story leading the plot and events to revolve around them. The characters are part of the allegory were in the story they represents part of human nature. An allegory is a story that has a symbolic level of meaning behind it. Sigmund Freud is the mastermind behind the structural model of personality. His theory explains how each person’s personality is broken down into three parts, the ego, id and superego. In the book Lord of the Flies, In the Lord of the Flies Ralph symbolizes the ego in the book, Jack represents the id and Simon represents the superego. Golding uses all three parts of Freuds theory, but the ego is the most important part.
As part of Frueds theory Ralph represents the ego in the story. The ego is the part of a person’s personality that maintains a balance between their desires and their conscience. The ego’s job is to fulfill the needs of their desires, while talking into consideration the reality of the situation. In the book Ralph is the chief of the island, but as the story begins the readers see that Ralph is not used to being a leader. Specifically on page thirty-two when the author says, “He was uncertain whether to stand up or remain sitting.” He wants to stand up and take pride and advantage of the leadership role but his subconscious tells him to remain humble when being a leader. On page ninety-two Ralph says, “If I blow the conch and they don’t come back then we’re had it.” This…

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