Analysis Of The Book ' Lilith 's Brood ' Essay

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In this essay we will be talking about the theme of racism. In the novel Lilith’s Brood by Octavia Butler there were two kinds of people. One group of people in this novel were an alien race known as the Oankali. The other group of people were our good friends, the humans. The Oankali people are able to read human DNA. Using this ability they can see that the human race will not change there ways on how the rule on earth. The Oankali are holding down the humans without giving them a chance to change their ways. This is racism at its core. In essence, your genetic build up is derived from your race. You get your genetics from your mother and father, and your genetics define your race as well. Based on this relationship between genetics and race you can see that the author is using an allusion. Butler is using the concept of the Oankali race oppressing the spices of humanity based on their DNA as an allusion to the Civil Rights era. During the Civil Rights era the white people were taking away the rights of the African Americans due to their race. Also during this era, there were laws put in place that basically said that if you had any ancestors that were enslaved in America then you were not allowed having the same rights as the white people. Almost all African American’s had ancestors that were slaves so this way a for the white to suppress the African Americans. If you think about it, races and genetics go hand and hand here. Therefore, I believe that this was an allusion…

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