Analysis Of The Book ' Lightning Struck The Sky ' Essay

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Chapter One
The Beginning

Lightning struck the sky, and Sarah looked up. Black clouds mingled with gray. The rain fell softly and tapped gently on Sarah’s face as if it were greeting her. The large crowd of thunderstorms blowing in surprised and alarmed the citizens of Hinton, but Sarah didn’t mind. She loved the rain.

Focusing back on her surroundings, she observed students running quickly to busses or to parent’s cars, wanting to get out of the rain. But Sarah took her time, slowly strolling down the sidewalk, and taking deep breaths through her nose. She loved the smell of the air and the dirt when the rain fell. Sarah once read a word for it. Petrichor. Sarah paused at the crosswalk and checked for cars.

That morning, her dad kissed her goodbye, like always. Sarah drifted to Hinton High School and greeted her friends, Mika and Jake, at history class, as usual. And then, when school was over, Sarah waved goodbye to her friends and she walked towards the Hinton City Library, to work, just like any other day.

Sarah yearned for a new routine. Something like traveling. Maybe her dad would take her to Boston or New York City. But, they never had the time. Or so he said.

All of this flashed in Sarah’s mind as she crossed Marin Avenue towards Center Street and entered the library.

Thunder rolled above Sarah as she hung her coat on the rack and walked quietly to the desk. She asked Mrs. Humbery, the buzzing receptionist, if there was any work for her to do.
“Oh yes!”…

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