Analysis Of The Book ' Life Of Pi ' Essay

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When reading the book Life of Pi, I am amazed by how much suffer that Pi had been through for such a young boy. From the embarrassment of his name on the first day of school, to the acceptance of society about one God which he chose to follow in three different religiouses. From the moment he has to leave his birthplace to move to an unfamiliar country where everything is different, temperature, skin color, etc., to the moment his whole family is lay in the bottom of the angry Pacific and he is the one who survived. From sharing the only shelter that could save his life to the most dangerous animal once he witness killed an poor innocent goat, to almost believe in that his life is saved by an island that is full of food and fresh water turned out to be a deathly carnivorous island. I am aware this is just a fiction novel, but I keep on thinking about this question. The very question about God that many of us once have asked. Is God testing his/our faith through these events? Primary school can be hard as first, simply because of leaving the comfort zone, far away from a security place and familiar faces of parents, brothers, and sisters to enter a brand new environment where nothing is familiar. However, it is just a temporary moment that most kids will forget by their second days after merge themselves into a crowd of same-age-friends. Following the first day is many years of happiness and joyful memorable experience, but for Piscine Patel starting on the wrong foot just…

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