Analysis Of The Book Lessons I Had Done Pretty Well With The Book Lesson

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She had done pretty well with the book-lessons. It turns out that she had checked out a history book and has been reading it between classes, so she was already catching up with other students, faster than I had expected. She seems to enjoy that subject. And her knowledge of herbs and their uses was more extensive than I had believed--the main problem was translation. I would ask her about an herb, and she would say she’s never heard of it, but when I started to describe what it looked like, she’d go, “Oh! That’s _____!” and tell me what it’s medical properties were. I was proud, though I wouldn’t tell her that. Though my saying “good job” made her face light up like a Midwinter tree, making her look strangely young and innocent-- and made that twist in my stomach return. Why does she do that to me? I connected it with her, now I have to find out the why.

And seriously, can’t she act one age? She’s constantly shifting from child to teen to mother and back again, like they’re all different modes that she has. It makes me wonder how she was raised. Strange girl. That’s what I think so often around her, because I keep thinking about her--her training, her behavior, her different expressions. Why? I couldn’t tell you. She’s affecting me in a way different than anyone else has before, in a way that I can’t tell if it’s good or bad. It doesn’t seem to be harmful.

Back to the proper train of thought.

According to what she’s told me, she’s never used magic circles before…

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