Analysis Of The Book ' Last Night ' Essay

894 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Last night I dreamed that my mother and I were sitting along the beach of California. Suddenly a black van came out of nowhere and took her away from me all within a few seconds. Suddenly Derek woke up from his nap that he was taking right before he was about to leave for his trip. He was going from his hometown in Key West Florida to Hollywood California to see his mother. Derek and his mother had a falling out many years ago and Derek wanted to hitchhike across country to patch things up with his mother, after losing touch with her when he was a young boy.
The day of his departure he started up the highway on a crisp 5am morning. He found himself not able to walk this distance, so he did what he saw people do in the movies and stuck out his thumb. Derek kept walking, hoping for someone to come up beside him and pick him up. After about an hour and 10 miles of walking, Derek thought to himself, there must be another way of getting to California. So, he stuck out a hundred-dollar bill and instantly had a car pull over. The driver rolled down her window and said “where you heading to dear?” Derek explained his situation and she said “hop in!” As Derek and the women drove they started talking about life and the challenges they both faced and the effects it had on them. The women started going on about her children and how she works three jobs. She leaves the house at 5am and doesn’t get home until 11pm every day, 7 days a week and very rarely gets to see her children. She…

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