Analysis Of The Book Killer Angels

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The book Killer Angels book is about American Civil War. From my point of view I think the cause of the Civil War it really about slavery. The reason it about slavery is because in our lection class we been talking about slavery ever since after the colony war with England.
American Civil War began in 1861 when the South attack the union army. The war begin right after the south left the Union. The states that left the Union are about 11 State. Many southerners left the state because they believe they did not have State right about slave. Slavery has been around for a long time long before the Civil War began. Before I talk about the Civil War, I will explain what caused the war. The very first anti-Slavery was in April 14, 1774 and their
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Longstreet is a friend with Lee and he is serve under Lee in the Civil War. Longstreet may have the same reason as Lee why he is fighting for and his home town is in the South. The Killer Angel book did said Longstreet is very loyalty to Lee and the confederacy army is like his family. James Longstreet is very smart person, but he did everything Lee told him to do even when he think is not a wise decision. This prove that Longstreet is loyal to Robert E. Lee and he doesn’t want to question him. When The confederacy meet up with the Union army, Longstreet think he and Lee should retrieve, but Lee doesn’t want show any sign of weakness because of his pride. In the very first place, if Lee know that the Union army will be in that place, then he won’t have gone to that place. The reason was because of Lee spy fail to give information so Lee didn’t know. The book also said that Longstreet and the Union Army general Grant were friend. This will be very hard when 2 best friend are fighting on opposite side for the war. This book Killer Angel was written to let the reader understand what is like to be in a war and it have many information. In one of the chapter Longstreet said “We can’t risk it. If we don’t concentrate they’ll chop us up.” (Shaara, Michael. "The Spy." The Killer Angel. New York: Ballantine, 1987. 14. Print.) This line show that Longstreet do worried and give …show more content…
He is fighting for the confederate army as well. At the beginning Chamberlain thought that the war is State right. As the war goes on, he realize that it not about state right but about slavery. Chamberlain also said “Let him have some rations, try to give him directions. Buster, can you talk to him?” (Shaara, Michael. "Chamberlain." The Killer Angel. New York: Ballantine, 1987. 172. Print.) This line show that Chamberlain is very nice person and he is willing to help a slave man to find a direction where the man wanna go. Chamberlain doesn’t see a black man as a slave because the are also a human like him with just different color of skin. In lection class professor Andrew also said that Chamberlain was shocked to see a slave because he never see a person with a black skin. He think all men should be treated equally and that why his point of view about the war

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