Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Kenneth Cole 's '

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Sirota Shortly before the controversial billboard was taken down just a couple of days later, an article written by David Sirota, titled “ Kenneth Cole Gets Schooled” appeared in the liberal political and current affairs website, Salon. In this writing, he criticizes the fashion designer Kenneth Cole and his company’s use of adopting a slogan that dealt with a national debate over unions, particularly teachers, in hopes of capitalizing off of the public’s reaction and response. By exploring the factors that explains the formation of the union such as the education system and accountability, Sirota’s article displays a firm but biased and partial argument in the importance of unions and their role in the education system.
A strength within the essay lies in his varied choice of rhetorical strategies. Before he asserts his stance on Cole’s campaign, Sirota gives the audience a background on the history of unions, which is often interpreted by the media as a violent, animalistic group. In the ad, Sirota described Cole’s method as a way of making the topic into a “consumer brand” while also pitching the idea of an anti-union image (Sirota 759). By comparing an organized group of workers to a mere commodity, Sirota is using pathos to emotionally appeal to the audience in that individuals should be treated more than exploited materials.
In addition, his defensive and biased tone becomes even more evident and displays a level of a patronizing, biased attitude. The first…

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