Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Jthis '

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JThis is another tale about a time when Jack went out on the road, looking for a job. He traveled around, working a little for a farmer picking apples, and then moving on to pick peaches for another farmer. He worked in a blacksmith’s shop helping put shoes on the horses and mending bridles and saddles. Jack did a little bit of everything while he searched for what he wanted to do all the time. One day he was walking down a road, eating a peach and he saw the prettiest little river running by a grist mill. That’s where they use a big wheel in the water to turn a stone in a little house to grind up corn and wheat to make flour. Jack had never worked at a mill before, so he stopped by and asked where the miller lived. He walked up to the house, and met a nice man who owned the grist mill. The man told Jack he really needed some help to run the mill, but he had to warn him first. The miller had hired seven other young men to run the mill, and each one of them died mysteriously on that first night. He hadn’t been able to find anyone to run the mill since, every young man was too afraid to work there. Jack was a brave fellow and very curious about that mill, so he told the miller he’d go down and take a look at it. The miller and Jack went to the mill, and the miller showed Jack how everything worked and how to grind the grain and corn. The miller told Jack he’d be back later, and bring him some supper. So Jack started sweeping and cleaning up, because it was awful…

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