Analysis Of The Book ' John Opens Seven Seals ' Essays

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Jesus then tells John to write down everything he sees and hears and to give it to the Seven Churches of Asia. Each church would get a special gift if they follow what John tells them. What John then describes afterwards is extremely confusing. Most likely it is a depiction of the end of the world. It could also be the depiction of events that took place before or after the time of this books publication. To continue with the description of the book, John opens seven seals. The first four seals are different horses that represent different things. The next three seals describe violent earthquakes and other natural disasters. Then angels come down and get seven trumpets and then one angel uses a “golden censer” filled with fire and throws it at the earth. The seven trumpets then sound each one bringing some sort of doom to the earth. One being an army that wipes out 1/3 of the human population. Seven figures then arrive. Some of these figures are the dragon and beast with the seven heads and ten horns. Those figures represent the Anti-Christ and Satan. Then seven bowls appear and each one pours another plague onto the Earth. After a number of other stuff happens Satan, and the Anti-Christ are thrown into a lake of fire. Then Satan, the Anti-Christ, and all the non-believers are casted into hell, while the ones faithful to God go to heaven. Obviously this was very confusing for many people. Scripture scholars still debate over the true meaning of the Book of Revelations.…

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