Analysis Of The Book ' Jasper Jones ' Essays

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Jasper Jones is an award winning novel written by Craig Silvey, first published in 2009. After reading the first one hundred pages, the novel has left a positive influence on me. I have enjoyed reading the text so far. Within the novel, Craig Silvey uses real life experiences which he encountered growing up on an orchard in Western Australia in order to craft the context and Australian setting within Jasper Jones. Jasper Jones is set in Corrigan in 1965, and it follows the protagonist Charlie Bucktin, a white, skinny boy who wears glasses through his journey of solving a suspected murder and growing up in society. Personally, I have enjoyed how the author uses technique and style in order to advance the narrative, or convey complex emotion. For example, the first one hundred pages does not explicitly reference the novel being set in 1965. But, on several occasions the author leaves subtle clues to provide further context to the story. For example, Doug Walter makes his test cricket debut within the novel, and after further research, this information states what year the novel takes place, 1965.
Additionally, the author uses beautiful and unique monologues to express to the reader what is happening in the story, or what the protagonist Charlie is thinking. These plethora of passages, which I personally adore, add to the story and create an in depth understanding of the emotive plight the protagonist may be feeling. Here is an example of one on pg 30; "How eerie and distilled…

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