Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Ivan '

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Applegate, Katherine., The One And Only Ivan, Scholastic Inc, New York, 2012, 300p.

Summary: Ivan is a silverback gorilla in a mall exhibit. Ivan is cozy and content just where he is. People come and go to see Ivan in his domain and he is okay with that. He likes to draw and has a few close friends that he loves very much. Stella the elephant is next-door to him, Bob is a stray dog that Ivan seeks advice from and also lets sleep on his belly, Mack is his owner, and lastly there is Julia and George. George is the mall janitor and Julia is his daughter. Julia comes with George every night. She loves talking to Ivan and always gives him stuff to draw with. Show business in the mall was down so Mack bought a new attraction, a baby elephant named Ruby. Ruby was lively and curious yet stubborn. Shortly after Ruby arrives at the mall stella passes away. Ruby and Stella became close even in such short time. Ivan made Stella a promise before she died that he would give Ruby a better life. However, Ivan has no idea how he will do this. One night Julia gave Ivan some paper and finger paint. He loved it! One night Ivan formulated a plan. He painted every night for a long time and used several pieces of paper. It was hard to keep hidden and tiring but Ivan composed a huge picture of Ruby happy in a zoo with other elephants. Ivan wrote the word “home” under it also. Anxious to show his work to the right person he chooses Julia. At first she is unaware of the message because there are so…

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