Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Invisible Man '

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The book Invisible Man is about a young black man who struggles throughout his life specifically with his identity. The setting is in the deep South and later in Harlem, during the 1920s to 1930s. The book starts with the narrator claiming that he is an “Invisible Man”, because the world cannot accept him for who he is but make him what they want him to be. The narrator then proceeds to tell his story of how he received a scholarship to attend a college for Negros, however he had to give out a graduation speech in which he was humiliated by the white school superintendent and other important white people from town. Eventually, he becomes a student at that college and is introduced to Mr. Norton whom is a rich white trustee. The narrator gets expelled from his college for taking Mr. Norton to a bad part of campus that was a black neighborhood and bar. After being expelled he is sent to New York and is given supposedly letters of recommendation from his dean, but are actually letters explaining why he was expelled. Once the narrator arrives to New York he notices the various differences from the North and South, however realizes that they both still stop black people from becoming successful. Therefore, he gets a job making optic white paint for a paint factory and ends up getting hurt from an explosion. As a result, he is sent to a hospital where he is experimented on by white doctors and once he was released he was helped by a woman named Mary. Eventually, the narrator…

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