Analysis Of The Book ' Invisible Man ' Essay

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Athulya Ajoykrishnan
2 September 2014
Second Hour
AP Literature Invisible Man Reduction Title: Invisible Man Author: Ralph Ellison Date of Publication: 1952 Genre: Literary fiction, Bildungsroman, existential
Biographical information about the author: He was born March 1, 1914 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as a grandson of slaves. He was named after Emerson. His father died when Ellison was young, and he grew up with his mother and brother. A good musician, he attended Tuskegee Institute in Alabama as a trumpeter to further his career goal to be a composer. In 1936, Ellison moved to New York in order to earn money for college. Finding a job as a writer for New York Federal Writers Program, he was mentored by Langston Hughes and Alan Locke. Ellison also worked as a The Negro Quarterly editor. In 1946, Ellison married his wife, Fanny McConnell. During World War II, Ellison joined as a Merchant Marine cook. Invisible Man was construed while Ellison was on a friend’s farm. The book was a bestseller when it released in 1952 and won a National Book Award. Ellison toured Europe in the 1950s and lived in Rome two years. He had become an American Academy fellow. Ellison then published Shadow and Act and Going to the Territory while also teaching at Bard College and NYU. Ellison never published his second novel. He died from pancreatic cancer April 16, 1994 in New York City. The second novel was released after his death, completed by his…

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