Analysis Of The Book ' Into The Wild ' By John Krakauer Essay

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The level of adventure has significantly changed over centuries. From journeying the frontier to walking on the moon, every journey has an adventure to it. Into the Wild, by John Krakauer, tells the adventures of a young man named Chris McCandless. Critics argue that Chris McCandless’s voyage to Alaska was foolish and childish to live as an itinerant. In my own opinion, Chris McCandless chose his lifestyle of setting out for adventures across the nation to fill the void of the emotionally scarring relationship between him and his parents.
McCandless’s ordinary world is before he begins his adventure across the nation. McCandless graduates from college and decides to take a summer trip in his car. He also tells his parents that they will never hear from him again. McCandless’s relationship with his parents has been – well, there has not been much of a relationship. A result from parents working all the time is this relationship. In a letter McCandless sends to his sister Carine, he talks about his parents offering him a new car for a graduation present: “… they ignore what I say and think I’d actually accept a new car from them” (Into the Wild, 3, 21). A parallel situation to compare this relationship to is the relationship between Hamlet and his parents. Although they want him to take joy in gaining a new father, Hamlet is extremely bitter with how fast things went. To expand on how much McCandless did not appreciate his life, he decided to pack up, change his…

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