Analysis Of The Book ' Into The Wild ' And Tuesdays With Morrie

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While reading both, “Into the Wild”, and “Tuesdays with Morrie”, I have realized that both have shared a theme of personal fulfillment shown through the characters. Chris McCandless and Morrie Schwartz show personal fulfillment in unique ways. Personal fulfillment is when you feel like you achieved something great in your life. You can also feel satisfied with yourself or your life and feel happiness. Chris wasn’t very happy growing up because of the way his lifestyle was with his parents. He always wanted to travel and go to Alaska. Once his plan set off, he felt fulfilled that he could finally travel alone like he wanted to with no stress on his shoulder. He was very relieved to be on his own, and he was becoming very happy with nature. Even though Chris had some rough experiences out in the wild, in the end he was happy that he made it to Alaska and reached his destination. Morrie showed a lot of personal fulfillment in “Tuesdays with Morrie”. Even though throughout most of the story he was dying, he felt like he lived life to the best. He did things he loved like dancing and eating. He knew that ALS would bring him down quickly, but he didn’t let that bother him. Morrie stayed as happy as he could be and continued living like to the fullest. Mitch was a great support system for Morrie, and bounced right back to Mitch. They always kept each others company and Morrie was still teaching Mitch great life lessons. In the novel, “Into the Wild”, Christopher McCandless…

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