Analysis Of The Book ' I 'm Going At Fuck ' And ' Your Ass ' Essay

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"I 'm going to fuck you twice at once. One cock in your pussy, the other deep in your ass," he stated in a moan as he pushed his flesh and blood cock past her first muscle. He slowly continued, stretching and holding, letting her adjust. When she sighed, he pressed past the second muscle and found himself fully embedded.

"I can 't believe you drove home in this snow, but I 'm so glad you did." she barely managed to whimper out.

The rest of her body was tense, shaking with need as she tried to slow her desperate breathing in order to relax. He chuckled, keeping himself still, letting her stretch and grow accustomed to his thick cock. Losing control,not caring if it hurt, her hips started to roll, down so she could feel the press of the toy in her pussy and up to feel his cock slide deeper into her ass. He grabbed her hips in a silent command to be still. She couldn 't stop now, she was seeing red, her body demanded release.

While over the years her growing trust in him had allowed her to let him have the dominance he seemed to crave, he did always leave her completely satisfied; and, in a way, it was freeing to give him utter control in this part of their life. Freedom from the pressure and responsibilities of everyday life. However, this time he 'd gone too far, the pent up stress of being alone with the kids, her job, the house; the deep melancholy of missing him, her euphoria at his surprise early return, compounded with this overwhelming, all-consuming…

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