Analysis Of The Book ' I Thought, And Still Sometimes Think, That Death Follows Me Around ``

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She told me at age seven it was her mother’s mother who left this world. At age eleven, it was her grandmother and best friend who passed in her arms. When she was twelve, her grandfather died and her mother broke. At fourteen, she gave up and said “fuck it.” “I thought, and still sometimes think, that death follows me around,” explained Stephanie Rachel Guttenplan.
Guttenplan is a surrealist photographer, based out of New York, who continues to experiment with different uses of a variety of medium. The majority of her work is shaped heavily by her life experiences growing up in the south and her experiences with death. Guttenplan was a quiet, reserved child. She described herself as “a very dark kid, depressed, mute and wanted nothing but an escape at all times.” She struggled with dyslexia, and despite the tutors, she had trouble communicating. She wasn’t much of an artist, but it became her way out of the world she was living in. She moved north to Maryland to earn her BFA in Digital Art and Design from Towson University. She found herself traveling to Florence, Italy to further her studies in photography and art history. Guttenplan tried her hand in design and web managing, but she couldn’t stay away from her camera. To fulfill her own needs, she attended School of Visual Arts for a Masters in Professional Studies in Digital Photography. Somewhere along her way, she became an alcoholic and an addict. “I was fine with it,” she recalls. “I didn’t think I would live…

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