Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' I Love It '

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Later on that night, she leans back against her parents porch swing and glances at her phone.

"It 's seven o 'clock. Where is he?" She sighs and closes her eyes to try and relax. "He 'll be here soon."

She hears a car pull up and smiles.

"I hear someone is in need of her husband," Ned says shutting the door of his car and jogging toward her.

She opens her eyes and stands up.

"Did you close the case?" She asks walking toward him.
"I did... thanks to your wonderful advice." He says walking up a step and kissing her. "For you."

He places a daisy into her hand.

"I know it 's not a fabulous bouquet or anything but I couldn 't find anything that you 'd like besides this which I saw by the gazebo in the square." He explains.
"I love it," she says smiling. "Come sit."

They walk over hand in hand to sit on the porch swing, a place of meaning to them.
The place where he asked her to be his wife.

Her head rests on his shoulder and her hand on his chest as they rock.

"Closing this case showed me something," he sighs, his arm wrapping around her.
"What?" She asks.
"Grandview 's a lot darker than we ever thought," he murmurs into her hair as he pressed a kiss to her head.
"Well I think we already knew that. I mean the tunnels alone is something for the record books," she explains.
"Yeah, but this vandalism case was a whole lot bigger than the department ever thought," he explains. "We thought that it was some kid because of the connection you helped me find, but it was in fact…

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