Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' I Got Dinner '

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Juliana had a million things to do every day. Looking after the daily needs of a husband, a toddler and two school-going children was a full-time job. She had to cook the meals, clean the house, wash the clothes, fetch the children to and from school, do the shopping and do many other things that a wife and mother had to do.

The sheer workload that she had to deal with sometimes caused her to make silly mistakes. She made one such silly mistake when she was preparing dinner one evening. In her rush to get dinner ready she forgot she had already put salt into the curry chicken she was making. So twice she put salt into the curry. It was way too much salt. the curry was inedible.

She did not know that she had made the mistake until dinner began. The surprise look on the faces of her husband and her children when they tasted the curry told her of her mistake. Tears welled in her eyes. What a silly thing to do, but it was done.

Her husband Raymond was very understanding. He knew how much Juliana had to do every day and her mistake was unintentional . He got up, hugged his wife, and said, "No need to get upset. I tis just a mistake. Let us go for dinenr tonight." The children sounded their approval.

So together they cleared the dining table, changed their clothes and drove out to town to have a nice dinner at the dried chicken restaurant.

Making a mistake can be one of the most damaging things that can happen to an individual 's self confidence. However, taking…

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