Analysis Of The Book ' Hunters On The Snow ' By Tobias Wolff Essays

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The short story Hunters in the Snow written by Tobias Wolff, is about three friends who adventure off into to wild, hunting more than just deer. The analysis will include the character’s motives which aid the theme and symbolism. The theme in Hunters in the Snow is represented by the interchangeable hunter and the hunted, and the motives of Frank, Kenny, and Tub. The symbolism blah blah blah
The obvious theme present in Hunters in the Snow is hunting. To hunt is to chase or search for the purpose of catching or killing, and that is what Frank did. Three “friends” Frank, Kenny, and Tub went on a hunting trip, but the hunters ended up being the hunted. Frank used Kenny to hunt Tub, who then hunted Kenny. Frank is a manipulative man, who wants the best outcome for himself and will do anything, even if a death of a friend is a result of it. Frank’s manipulative eye saw that Tub had a low self-esteem and used Kenny as his puppet to hunt and taunt his prey, Tub. “He looks like a beach ball with a hat on” (Wolff 26) Kenny proceeded to tell that to Tub, after the fact that Kenny almost ran Tub over for being late to pick him up. Frank then stood up for Kenny and his rude comment by saying “come on, Tub be mellow, Kenny was just messing around” (Wolff 26). Three is a crowd and Tub was the third wheel. Kenny did anything and everything to make sure Tub was the outsider in this hunting trip. Frank did not stop him, because he knew that Tub would put an end to it one way or another.…

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