Analysis Of The Book ' Huck And Jim ' Essay

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Throughout the book Huck and Jim are trying to find freedom in two ways, from slavery and society. Jim in the beginning is living as a slave and is ok with it at the moment, until he overhears Mrs. Watson talking about selling him so he took off without thinking of consequences of getting caught. Being killed and sent back into slavery is, is some consequences that could happen, and sent to an actual plantation and working harder than he did with Mrs.Watson. At the same time Huck Finn, a wild boy who loves being in the woods and living off the land. Huck Is attending school and going to church, because of his guardian the Widow, so he takes off around the same time. Huck stages his own death, as a murder. He doesn 't know the effects it had on the people that cared about him, and when they 're on the search party he sees his old friend Tom Sawyer and all of the people who cared about him, Huck is more happy surviving on his own and being away from society in his own way. He is not meant for civilization in his opinion he wants to be on his own. When Huck is going up river, he spots a fire through the trees along the beach and he goes to investigate and finds Jim sleeping, and Huck figures out why Jim is trying to find freedom. Jim is trying to go upriver to escape slavery. Because he wants to live as a free man and doesnt wanna take orders from any slave owner. Both of them haven 't found their place on the earth with Jim trying to find a way out of slavery and Huck…

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