Analysis Of The Book ' Howards End ' Essay

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Howards End by E.M. Forster brings up the changing times of England by the characterization of Howards End, a house that has been in the Wilcoxs family for generations. Through the characterization of this house, Forster also characterizes ideals and beliefs held during the time period this novel was written. Most prominently, the idea of “culture” is brought up in various ways that allow the reader to see the changes in English society. This idea of culture as a literary device, portraying societal change, is prevalent throughout the novel. Ultimately, the message Forster is trying to send depends on the reader’s perspective. Depending on the analysis, Forster might be attacking this societal change, or reminiscing of times before it happened. In order to analyze these two narratives, we will analyze the differences in perspective within characters of the novel.
The differences in how the characters see and experience these changes drastically change their views of the world. Leonard Bast, for example, is a man who is considered in a lower class than the Schlegel sisters. Nevertheless, he tries to rise through the ranks by reading well-known books to seem as if he is “cultured” like the Schlegel sisters. Leonard Bast’s problem, however, is that he will never be able to have that culture; he can throw around the names of the authors he has read, but he did not grow as a person by reading those works. For the Wilcoxs, culture was something frivolous, yet still a part of…

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