Analysis Of The Book ' Honor ' Essay

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The novel revolves around the theme of “honor” that inspires the theme of secrecy. For Angela, her secret was out on the day of her marriage and the revelation of the secret of her virginity inspires the events that has implications for her twin brothers Pablo and Pedro, as well as the character of Santiago Nasar. The murder happened, Santiago was killed but till half part of the story, it remains a mystery.
Angela’s mother, Purisima has brought up her little girls to be great spouses. The young ladies wed late in life, having a little social life past the limits of their own home. They invest their energy doing weaving, sewing, washing and pressing, chores that are related to the daily routine of a traditional woman 's life. They likewise keep the old customs alive, for example, sitting up with the evil, soothing the diminishing, and covering the dead. While their mom trusts they are impeccable, men view them as excessively tied, making it impossible to their ladies ' conventions.
Purisima 's sons, Pedro and Pablo were raised as men. When the family demands Angela 's wedding to Bayardo, the twins stay out of it. Angela was not a virgin when she weds Bayardo, but nobody suspects her, due to the life she spent with her mother 's. Her mom has protected her for her whole life. Angela has never been locked in, nor has she been permitted to go out alone with Bayardo in the time they have known each other. Angela, in any case, is worried that her spouse will take in her mystery…

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