Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Holden '

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One societal standard in this book is the expectation that all students should be able to earn outstanding grades and excel academically. Holden, however, does the exact opposite of this. When Holden was kicked out of Pencey, it was because he had flunked out of every class except for English. Near the end of the book, Holden visits one of his old teachers that he actually had a great deal of respect for. Mr. Antolini was Holdens English teacher at Elkon Hills; he was one of the only teachers that Holden truly liked and it was because Mr. Antolini had made an effort to stay in Holdens life even after Holden moved. Mr. Antolini would check on Holden and play tennis with him and even became somewhat close to the rest of the Caulfields. When Holden went to stay the night at the Antolinis residence, one of the first questions Mr. Antolini asked was how Holden did in English at Pencey. He proceeded to say, “I’ll show you the door in short order if you flunked English, you little ace composition writer” (Salinger 98) Mr. Antolini and plenty of other people knew that Holden could have passed his classes if only he had payed attention.
The other subject that was briefly mentioned in “The Catcher in the Rye” is history. Near the beginning of the story, Holden was called to see Mr. Spencer at his house to talk, before he left for home. Mr. Spencer was Holdens History teacher at Pencey. At one point in the conversation, Mr. Spencer very abruptly says, “I flunked you in English…

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