Analysis Of The Book ' Helmet For My Pillow ' Essay

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War is an emotional roller coaster; soldiers feel pain as comrade’s fall right before their eyes. They rejoice with patriotism as the army advances to defeat a common enemy. In the memoir, Helmet for My Pillow: from Parris Island to the Pacific, Robert Leckie recounts his war experience from beginning to end. He uses long- winded syntax to evoke powerful emotions from readers, provide intense imagery, and provide description of people and events. Without a doubt, long-winded syntax evokes powerful emotions from the reader. While they are marching to their new positions, Robert Leckie states,

We thought ‘Smoothface’ had killed him, for ‘No-Behind’s’ scream had been that of a dying man. But, fortunately for ‘No-Behind’, his very insufficiency in the target area had saved him; the bayonet passed through his trousers without even breaking flesh, and it had not been the cutting edge of the bayonet but the hard round feel of the rifle muzzle that had provoked his expiring shout. (Leckie 71)

It makes the reader feel petrified because they thought that ‘No-Behind ' was going to die, but then the readers loosen up when they realize it was an accident and no one was hurt. In fact, ‘No-Behind’ was very fortunate he was not killed in a childish act. In addition, people would have felt disappointed if ‘No-Behind’ was killed because of a dim-witted accident and not in a battle. After their first combat battle, Robert Leckie wrote, “Perhaps, too, it was a merciful bullet that…

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