Analysis Of The Book ' Harrison Bergeron ' Essay

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It is said that one of the most refuting concepts is society and it’s full circle ways. Throughout time, humans have felt the need to control others, and although we have moved away from slavery and the misogynistic ways of our past, society still feels the need to control others through government, police, and other jurisdictive manners. Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s short story, Harrison Bergeron, follows the experience of George and Hazel Bergeron and their son Harrison Bergeron in a world of total equality. In the year 2081, the people of the newly emerged dystopian world have finally reached an equilibrium; those who are too talented, smart, or beautiful are disabled to be equivalent to others. A boy named Harrison is taken away from his parents due to planning to overthrow the government. His parents, while watching ballerinas on T.V., spot Harrison, who removes all his impairments and attempts to take over and dictate the audience. Due to the average intelligence implanted upon her, his mother, Hazel, can only retain a little information at a time, therefore, she only remembers things in short periods of time; she does not recognize him. Harrison is then shot and killed by the Handicapper General, Diana Moon Glampers on television, and while it haunts his father, George, Hazel starts to cry but in seconds forgets why. The use of symbolism helps the reader understand the oppression and disadvantages the people are faced with when equal. Furthermore, the author uses motif to…

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