Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Group Minds ' By Doris Lessing

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Critique: First Draft In “Group Minds” Doris Lessing suggest that Western society prides itself as the free world yet most people are completely oblivious of how commonly they conform to the social norms of a group therefore diminishing their own individuality. Lessing suggest this claim of being a free thinking individual is nothing more than another widely accepted social norm. These claims prompts in-depth thought and expose the necessity to reevaluate and restructure our thoughts about how individuality is affected by being a member of various groups.
Criticizing and challenging Western culture’s reputation of individuality Lessing states that all people would readily say that they are “an individual, making individual choices. My mind is my own, my opinions are chosen by me…”. (652) She argues that the primary contraction to the over sensationalized claim of individualism is that we live of life in groups. Every person is a part of some kind of group: family, work, social, religious or political. Very few people are happy alone because we are group animals and social by nature. The danger, Lessing says “is not the belonging to a group or groups, but not understanding the social laws that govern groups and govern us.”(652) An adequate number of experimentation lend results to determine that people repeatedly and often passively abandon their own personal beliefs to conform to the majority. We do ourselves a grave injustice to not use this information to improve our…

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