Analysis Of The Book ' God 's Image On Ebony ' Essay

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The piece of writing this essay will review is an excerpt from the book, ‘God 's Image in Ebony: Being a Series of Biographical Sketches, Facts, Anecdotes, etc., Demonstrative of the Mental Powers and Intellectual Capacities of the Negro Race’. H.G Adams published this book in London in 1854. In the book Adams uses biographies of various black people, among other things, to argue that black and white people are equal, as well as discussing the anti-slave moment in America. Adams begins the book by briefly outlining the history, and the then present perception of slavery in America and the ‘Negro’ race, then in chapter two he goes on to write the biographical sketch of Toussaint Louveture. This is the chapter that this review essay will be focused on. The essay will first outline the historical context of this publication and discuss its purpose. It will then discuss the four main themes of this excerpt, including abolitionism, equality, leadership and betrayal.

The mid 1800’s remained an eventful period for the contentious issue of slavery. By 1848 the British Empire and French colonies had already abolished slavery, however in America the people were still divided. Although in all the Northern States slavery had ceased, in the fifteen states making up the American South, slavery was still legal, but had mainly come to an end in the main cities and largely carried out on farms and plantations. During this time the Compromise of 1850 was established, this was a set of five…

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