Analysis Of The Book ' Go Ask Alice ' Essay

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Go Ask Alice
On January 24th, Alice wrote “After you’ve had it, there isn’t even life without drugs.” (Anonymous 96). The previous quote was taken from the book Go Ask Alice. Go Ask Alice is the story of a teenage girl whose life became ruled, and ultimately ruined, by drug addiction. A note from the editors in the beginning of the book states that it “is based on the actual diary of a fifteen-year-old drug user.” Though the author is listed as anonymous and the girl’s name is never mentioned, she will be referred to as Alice. At the innocent age of fifteen, Alice had a promising life ahead of her. She came from a “fine and upstanding, loving family,” and her father was the dean of Political Science at a prestigious university (89 ; 3). However, Alice’s comfortable life was turned upside down when she started experimenting with drugs. She found herself dealing dope to children and eventually dropped out of high school (59-65). Alice went from an obedient daughter to a teenage runaway in a matter of months after accidentally taking LSD at a party. The theme of Go Ask Alice is that using drugs leads to self-destruction. The journey of Alice’s decent into the harrowing world of addiction began when she started using drugs recreationally. Alice’s first experience with drugs was unintentional; she was given a coke that was laced with LSD at a party (Citation). Soon Alice was ready to try more, and she uses “torpedos” and speed for the first time (35-36). At first, drugs were an…

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