Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Geography Of Bliss ' By Eric Weiner

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When you think of, The United States of America, many often think, freedom, opportunity and the pursuit of happiness. What is it that makes a Nation truly happy as a whole? Does it consist of a strong Government? Does it consist of happy people? America was once ranked #17 on what is called, The World 's Happiest Report. In the book, "Geography of Bliss" by: Eric Weiner, the author travels to different parts of the World, whom are considered to be happier, to discover their key to happiness. Although The United States is said to be the strongest country, it isn 't the most joyful. The U.S can change some things and learn from other countries such as, The Netherlands, and their way of governing, Switzerland and their strong community; The United states can take these qualities which are qualifying these nations to be joyful and use them for the greater good. But only can the U.S take, they can also give. We have free will here, to live as we choose as long as we are not breaking the law or harming anyone else; some countries have yet to find that sort of freedom such as, Qatar and their women.

Since the beginning of its time, America has seen it 's up 's and down 's, moments of turmoil and also moments of true happiness.
Some can argue that it is the way the American government is ran that determines our state of joy or sadness. Many believe all the American government cares about is money and not it 's citizens. Take education for example, why is it so expensive…

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