Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Gem Of The Ocean '

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Gem of the Ocean is a part of a ten play chronicle written by August Wilson where slavery has ended but, we can still see that it still exist. Gem of the Ocean takes place about 40 years after the abolition of slavery, which is not nearly enough time for people to move on and evolve from such a detrimental occurrence in history. Slavery is a manmade problem the promoted racism and was passed on through the generations. Racism and ignorance created this fear among the races and a selfish sense of only caring for one’s own race. Even though it has been years from the time the play takes place this Nation still experience some of the same issues it did at that time.

Slavery was abolished many centuries ago but it is something that is still going on in today’s society. In the play Gem of the Ocean we see how slavery was abolished but, African Americans still had a tough time living a normal day to day life like everyone else. They still worked the hardest jobs and were not treated the same as others when it came to facing consequences for crimes committed. Racism is something that is created, it is something that is taught through generations, and it is not something that people are born with. Racism is learned from previous generations and if people can be taught to get along it is something that can be forgotten and completely abolished with time. In the play African Americans are supposed to live equally with everyone else but, yet they still experience racism. Just because…

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