Analysis Of The Book ' Freak The Mighty ' Essay

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In this novel, “Freak the Mighty” Rodman Philbrick uses the literary devices of characterization (what Max does), characterization (what Kevin does), symbolism to reveal the theme of the importance of friendship. One literary device Rodman Philbrick uses to reveal the theme of the importance of friendship is symbolism. In the story when Max and Kevin are watching the firework, and Kevin has his crutch because he can’t walk without it, Max observes “Freak is making a fuss because he can’t see. There are so many people crowded around, all he can are feet and knees, and people are lifting their little kids up to see the fireworks explode like hot pink flowers in the sky, and so I just sort of reach down without thinking and pick up Freak (Kevin) and set him on my shoulder”(32). This shows that Max is helping Kevin to watch the firework. He picks up Kevin on his shoulder. He became his crutch, his legs. It’s the beginning of Freak the Mighty. The crutch becomes a way to them to become more friend. In the story when Kevin gives Max a dictionary with all his vocabulary Max states
Grim is right about that, because Freak has the whole thing rigged with these elastic

bands and paper clips, which is what made the sides unfold all at the same time, and i

inside is this little platform and on the platform is a book. Not a normal book, like you

buy in the store, but a book he made himself, you can tell that right away. It looks so

special, I’m afraid to pick it up or I might…

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