Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Frank Norris '

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For those who have parent’s that were once immigrants or have strong culture beliefs causes background difficulty to adapt and fit into society. In the story of Frank Norris “McTeague” he provides examples of how the characters in one’s ethic background surpasses ethnic tendencies. In “McTeague” the reader is able to see the stereotypes of the 19th Century in America. The characters of McTeague, Trina and Zerkow are used to show the reader how their stereotypes have affected them through the novel and to some lead them to their death.
We start of with one of the main characters. Norris introduces us with the main character McTeague, he is not your typical American. He was a first generation Irish American. His traits describe him as your stereotypical Irish man. Norris describes him as “a young giant, carrying his huge shock of blond hair six feet three inches from the ground; moving his immense limbs, heavy with ropes of muscle, slowly, ponderously” (264). During this era, Irish immigrants were known as drunk and violent, which put McTeague at a disadvantage in relation to society. He feels the oppressive weight of his ancestry “Below the fine fabric of all that was good in him ran the foul stream of hereditary evil, like a sewer. The vices and sins of his father and of his father’s father, to the third and forth and five hundredth generation, tainted him” (285). Norris continues to tell us that his father who was a miner “became an irresponsible animal, a beast, a…

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