Analysis Of The Book ' Forbes Greatest Technology Stories ' By Jeffrey Young

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Welcome back to my blog! Since the last time I had blogged, I made a reading goal for me to achieve on a weekly basis. This goal of mine will challenge me as a reader much more than I have ever done in my past English classes. My goal for this semester is to finish a book every two weeks or read about 150 pages a week. I have read one full book last week, which was The Private Investigators ' Handbook, and it was quite an interesting read about the life of an investigator with all their gadgets and how they retrieve information for their clients. I am about to complete my goal this weekend when I finish the book I 'm currently reading with more than half of the book done. The book I 'm currently reading is Forbes Greatest Technology Stories.

We have seen successful people that came from nothing and built an empire of their own, but what was their key to their success? Forbes Greatest Technology Stories, by Jeffrey Young, is compiled of different stories recounting the times in history when ingenious inventors have created something of extraordinary value that had changed the course of history. The inventors I have read that I found interesting was the humble stories of John Vincent Atanasoff and Steve Jobs. What these gentlemen have done truly reshaped and molded the course of the technological age of our modern times. I have noticed something incredible amongst many of the successful people in this book and concluded that they all share some particular traits,…

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