Analysis Of The Book ' First Day Of School ' Essay example

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Hsi Hsi is going to school in America for the first time in his life. He is going to Stone Mountain Middle School. In the school he would encounter many new things, constantly meeting new people, going to classes, and finding out his classes. He would have an awesome experience with the school and how he get along with everyone. He would also improve his English, reading, writing and speaking.
It is Hsi Hsi’s first day of school, it is also his first middle school in the Unites States. Stone Mountain Middle School is where he goes to. As he walks out the bus, he sees that there are many doors to get into the school. It the biggest school, he has ever seen. After he walks into the school, he gets lost and doesn’t know where to go or ask for direction. He is lost but he doesn 't ask for direction at all, because all of the students seem to rush to their classes. He only knows a little English and on the top of that, he doesn 't know anybody and he is a very shy person. Soon then, one of the staff members come talk to him and show him around the school and where his classes are located at. It is 7:00am, and time for Hsi’s first class. He walk into the class nervously and looks around for an empty seat. Somehow most of the students are seated at the back and the front seats are empty. He decided that it would be best if he sits in the front so that way he can hear what the teacher is saying. It 's an English class it seems like everyone is pairing up with someone to work…

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