Analysis Of The Book Fires Of Jubilee : Nat Turner 's Fierce Rebellion By Stephen B. Oates

1831 Words Sep 18th, 2016 8 Pages
Slavery in Southampton County, Virginia was different. The slave owners there treated their slaves kindly and allowed them unheard of freedoms. Their slaves were content and had no reason to revolt. However, one slave had a reason, a divine purpose, he led a slave rebellion, with dozens of bodies in its wake, and instilled a raging fear into the hearts of slave owners across the south. In the book Fires of Jubilee: Nat Turner’s Fierce Rebellion author Stephen B. Oates provides a non-fictional narrative look into the mind of Nat Turner and a detailed account of his rebellion. This book also examines white society during that time period and gives a glimpse into their non-existing aversion to slavery. Keeping in memory other slave revolts, Southampton County, Virginia white slave owners felt the best way to suppress rebellion in their slaves was not to free them but to treat them well and offer them some freedoms not usually given to slaves. Southampton County slave owners felt that they could sleep better at night and not worry so much about bloody revolts as long as they kept their slaves happy. The white residents took pride in how their institution of slavery was conducted. While some slave owners believed physical intimidation was best many believed that kindness was the way to prevent revolts. Also, New Methodist religious teaching made some white slave owners question whether they should continue to own slaves, and some even freed their slaves. However, this was…

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