Analysis Of The Book ' Fight Club ' Essay

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“The things you own end up owning you. It 's only after you lose everything that you 're free to do anything.” The quote from the movie Fight Club, although despite the title, is a movie about purging a person’s life from the physical things that dictate one’s existence. The importance of materialistic possessions is meaningless, especially an obsession with things other than intellectual, and especially, spiritual things. As a Christian, God should be the only habitual occupation of our focus in life. Succumbing to the deceitfulness of false sources of contentment is a distraction from pursuing the one source of satisfaction, God. Naturalism, the belief of replacing God with something other than Him, is evident through the transformation of the main character in Fight Club. Fight Club represents the purpose of life in a materialistic world, the naturalistic tendencies of a world without God, and the confirmation of a Christian worldview that believes in overcoming a life in abundance of possessions.

The main character, Jack, is fueled by a fleeting sense of self worth and is an example of a victim of consumerism as well as naturalism. He comes to recognize that his identity is imposed on him by his job and his lavish home. Jack exceedingly begins to lose interest in a life unfilled with physical definitions of his identity. After meeting Tyler Durden, Tyler begins to show him a life contradictory to the one he previously lived. Together they form ‘Fight Club,’ a group of…

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