Essay about Analysis Of The Book Fences By Homer

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How does one come to understand a history that has shaped us, but have not experienced it themselves? Us as people fathom a world that we come from. We do this by using something called imaginative archaeology. It is a way of thinking about what is left of the past, about the temporality of what remains about the facts, and processes of what was. Fiction itself is a form of prose, that describes imaginary events and people. Especially in short stories or in novels. Factual evidence of history that has occurred is very limited.

Throughout the history of our work, and past people many factors of discrimination, inequality have been brought more to our attention told through stories from people who have actually talked about it from their eyes of experiencing it. In the book Fences, Wilson portrays such an experience from the century of being unequal and a slave. Having unfairness and going unrecognized for his own talents, he suffers from being selfish and builds walls around himself to only protect what he could not keep before. Troy helps pave the way for other blacks to have opportunities under conditions they were never free to experience, but never have from their own makings and talents themselves. Troy being this tragic character, and also being from a time of separation, puts the thought in his head if he did not have these opportunities in life, why should someone he so close to? This story is in fact a true story, but many parts may be considered fictional. Like for…

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